Call for Participation in PAECT

13 Jan 2018 1:15 PM | Anonymous

Dear PAECT members,

As you well know, PAECT is your organization: the board and committee chairs, both regionally and for the state, are volunteers, selflessly giving hours of their time to make PAECT the great organization that it is. Some of you have already given back to the organization by running for elected office or offering services in various areas. 

One thing we consistently hear as we talk with members from across the state is “How can we get involved?” Contacting your regional director is always one option we suggest. Getting involved in your region, planning for and participating in the wide variety of events offered, is certainly one way to “get your foot in the door.”

While there has never been a formal way of indicating a desire to be involved on the state level, we felt it was important to do so now. As the organization grows and evolves, we understand it is important to include fresh voices and new energy to sustain and help the organization continue its evolution. This is your call to action!

The PAECT Board has a number of non-voting committee chairs & committees that are critical to our operations. They include the following:

  • Newsletter Chair - responsible for weekly newsletter
  • Parliamentarian - monitors board meetings & advises on parliamentary procedure
  • Webmaster & Asst. Webmaster - works on designing and maintaining website
  • Membership Chair - oversees new member registrations and renewals & database
  • Student Showcase Chair & Committee - brings districts from across the state to the State Capital to show off projects
  • Marketing Chair - seeks ideas and quotes for member giveaways, etc.
  • Sponsorship Chair & Committee  - seeks out and negotiates with vendors for short and long-term partnerships
  • Advocacy - stays aware of educational legislation and communicates needs to members
  • Historian - maintains historic records for organization
  • Social Media Chair - publicizing PAECT events through our social media channels
  • Free Curriculum Tools Chair & Committee - developing a matrix to match ISTE Student Standards with PA Core Standards, digital skills, activities and resources.
  • Leadership Development Committee Chair -
  • Professional Development Chair & Committee - planning learning opportunities for members
  • ISTE Liaison - stays in contact with ISTE, acting as our affiliate’s point of communication with this organization
  • AECT Liaison - stays in contact with AECT, acting as our affiliate’s point of communication with this organization
  • Higher Ed Chair - Connects with higher education entities across the state to promote opportunities at that level, including spring higher ed conference

If you have an interest in serving on a state level committee or as a presidentially-appointed board-level committee chair, you are welcomed and encouraged to share your specific area of interest (committee name as well as CHAIR or COMMITTEE) with PAECT Vice-President Scott Snyder (vp@paect.orgby January 15, 2018. Please indicate interest now even if you are already a chair or on a committee or are running for election as regional director or for the State Board. No decisions or selections will be made until after the election is complete.

If you would prefer to be involved more locally, contact your regional director at any time. Visit to find your regional director’s contact information.

Thanks you for your service,

Brandon Lutz            Scott Snyder

President                  Vice-President / President Elect

PAECT is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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