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What is a Keystone?

A Keystone is any educator nominated in to the program by a building principal who has demonstrated innovative use of technology in classroom instruction to capture the imagination of students. Keystones are part of an ongoing community of educators throughout the commonwealth of Pennsylvania sharing, collaborating and leading best practices of 21st century learning.

What is the goal of the Keystone Program?

The goal of the Keystone Program is to identify, invite and support exemplary educators into a distinct and dynamic learning community. These educators advocate the use of technology as a transformative tool to nurture the intellect, innovation and imagination of students.

Who can be nominated to be a Keystone?

Any educator who directly impacts classroom instruction. This may include: a classroom teacher, librarian, media specialist, technology coach, curriculum coach, etc)

How does someone get nominated to be a Keystone?

Only a building principal can nominate someone to be a Keystones by visiting www.keystonespa.org and click on “Nominate a Keystone”

How will I know I was nominated?

Every newly nominated Keystone will receive an email once they are nominated by the building principal. If you do not receive a confirmation email, check your spam folder.

What's the difference between a Keystone and a Keystone STAR?

A Keystone is nominated by a building principal. Once a Keystone, always a Keystone as long as you remain in education. Once nominated, all new Keystones will receive an application to complete via email for the STAR selection. This application will require a sample project or published work to be viewed by the PAECT regional teams. Only Keystone STARS may be invited to attend the Summit in July.

Who gets notified when I am nominated?

The Nominee, the Building Principal, and the Superintendent.

Can any Keystone be selected to attend the Summit?

Only selected STARS may attend the Summit.

How do I apply to become a STAR?

Only newly nominated Keystones can apply to become a STAR. Each newly nominee will receive an application link via email once their nomination has been confirmed

I'm not very tech savvy. Can I still be nominated to be a Keystone?

YES! We encourage principals to seek out energetic and passionate teachers who are not afraid to take risks using technology. The Keystones program focuses on best practices of teaching and learning while leveraging technology to help transform that process.

I am a former Keystone. Can I be nominated again?

No. Once a Keystone, always a Keystone. Beginning 2015, all past Keystones may apply to become a STAR and attend the summit.

I am a former Keystone who attended a past summit. Am I a STAR?

Yes. All previous Summit attendees are state level Keystones and are grandfathered in as Keystone STARs.

Can I receive graduate credit for attending the summit?

STAR applicants will be offered the option to receive three graduate-level professional development credits, awarded through Wilson College, by taking the summit as an Eduspire course.

My application to be a STAR was not selected. Can I reapply?

Yes. Beginning in 2015, any Keystone who was not selected as a STAR can reapply.

I cannot attend the summit. Can I still apply to be a STAR?

No. You must agree to attend summit when applying to become a STAR.

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