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Keystones Technology Innovator Program

Keystones Technology Innovator Program identifies, invites and supports exemplary educators into a distinct and dynamic learning community. Keystones advocate the use of technology as a transformative tool to nurture the intellect, innovation and imagination of students.


  • Recognize outstanding teachers using technology innovatively to provide transformative classroom experiences across the Commonwealth.
  • Advocate for educational technology.
  • Enrich knowledge and skill base of teaching best practices.
  • Cultivate technological expertise, creativity and innovation.
  • Share lessons, strategies and practices with other state educators.
  • Connect within Keystones community.


The Keystones Summit is designed for outstanding Keystones selected each year by members of PAECT KTI Lead Learner Staff. All newly nominated Keystones will receive an application form to apply to attend Summit. PAECT KTI Lead Learners regional will select approximately 100 STARs to attend the Summit in July.

The week-long Summit provides resources and opportunities to nurture and enrich the skills of selected educational leaders, while advocating the importance of technology in education. The only cost for attendees is a $150 event fee.

Summit attendees in the past have had the option to earn 3 graduate-level professional development credits provided by Wilson College & Eduspire at an additional cost. Summit attendance fulfills 30 of the 45 required hours of coursework.

The 2024 Summit will be held at Shippensburg University, July 23-26, 2024. 


  • Principals nominate one educator per building who directly impacts classroom instruction by going to www.keystonespa.org. This nomination automatically identifies this person as a Keystone. Deadline February 10, 2024.
  • Once nominated, the new Keystone will be prompted by email to submit an application/published work for an opportunity to attend the Keystones Summit. If accepted, the Keystone will be invited to attend the week-long Summit. Deadline February 20, 2024.
  • Submitted applications and projects should follow the guidelines as specified in the application.



     The Keystone program began in 2004. Initially called Keystones: Technology Integrators, the program name changed to “Technology Innovators” to reflect the changes in classroom instruction. To date, over 3000 Pennsylvania educators have been identified as “Keystones: Technology Integrators.” The Keystones represent over 200 school districts, non-public schools, and CTC/AVTS throughout Pennsylvania.

    The initiative is a nationally recognized honors program for Pennsylvania teachers who help their school districts shape learning environments with technology in the classrooms. Historically, one of the key components was the Keystone Technology Innovators’ Summit, initiated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Michael Golden, the Deputy Secretary of Education, at the time. (Michael is one of the Keynote keynote speakers at Summit 2014!) Over the years and due to the reduction of budgets, the Keystones summit ceased, but the community remained vibrant through the efforts of active PAECT members (Pennsylvania Association for Educational Communications and Technology).

2007 Summit attendee Scott Snyder (Cedar Cliff High School, West Shore School District) shared the following about his experiences:

    In 2013, PAECT entered a partnership and received funding support from Eduspire, an innovative professional development and graduate course provider. With Eduspire’s assistance, Keystone STARS can now receive 3 graduate credits while attending the summit. Thanks to PAECT and Eduspire, The Keystones STARS Summit reopened it’s doors in July of 2014.

    At this summit, Keystone STARS engage in rigorous hands-on workshops, collaboration opportunities, and rich professional development. The goal of the Keystone Summit is to nurture and enrich the skills of these building and district leaders while advocating the importance of technology in education.

    The Keystones network has grown strong through constant communication, personal learning networks, and professional development opportunities.

PAECT is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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