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  • 09 Mar 2017 8:52 AM | Anonymous

    We will be reading Launch: Using Design Thinking to to Boost Creativity and Bring Out the Maker in Every Student.
    Please complete the form to sign-up for the book study. The following is a tentative outline for the book study.
    April 10th - Start reading!
    April 24th - Have Chapters 1-3 read, Blog post due
    May 8th - Have Chapters 4-7 read, Blog post due
    May 15th- Book finished, Blog post on how you plan to implement the Launch Cycle
    May 22nd - Implement the Launch Cycle - reflection blog post with photos/artifacts
    May 31st- Twitter Chat about how the Launch Cycle works/ideas for classroom implementation

    Your $10 Amazon gift card will be emailed to you after you begin participating in the book study.

    To join:  http://tinyurl.com/PAECTLaunch

  • 16 Jan 2017 8:25 AM | Anonymous

    Last spring, dozens of PAECT members submitted grant applications with innovative ideas to use technology in instruction.  A leadership team conducted a blind review of the applications and chose to fund the two projects below.  One of these projects will be featured at PETE&C, and both of these projects will be featured in a live virtual presentation for PAECT members this spring.  See below for the project descriptions and presentation details.  This grant was made possible by the generosity of Corbett Inc. and KI Furniture. Company information can be found at the end of this article.

    Dash and Dot Take 5 - Sara Heintzelman

    Presentation:  Tuesday 2/14, Empire B, 2:15-3:15

    Project summary:  

    Students within special education require intensive social skills to help fill the gap in the social skills they lack. Unfortunately, as students grow older, they outgrow many of the social skills curriculums that provide engaging materials. In order to engage students in meaningful learning while simultaneously teaching social skills, teachers need to consider the interests of students and how they can match curriculum to these interests. The students in my classroom of students in grades three through five with severe emotional and behavioral disorders, speak constantly about video games and their desire to become future video game designers. Given the interest of my students and the lack of engaging social skills curriculum aligned to this interest, I would like to propose designing a social skills curriculum around Wonder Workshop’s Dash and Dot.

    This project, “Dash and Dot Take 5”will teach students how to follow our school and class-wide expectations, Be There Be Ready (be prepared for class with the appropriate materials, stay in area), Be Responsible (complete work quietly), Be Respectful (be polite and raise hand to speak), Keep Hands and Feet Safe (remain safe and use materials appropriately), and Follow Directions (the first time) through learning how to code. This five week unit will walk students through each of the expectation areas, spending one week (three 40 minute periods) on each expectation area. As students explore each expectation area with Dash and Dot, they will document their work with iPad camera, video clips, and student video reflections. 

    We Can Do STEM - Carmela Curatola-Knowles

    Project Summary:  

    Essential to providing a strong academic education for our students is a commitment to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math). STEM skills are critical for the students’ learning needs in the 21st Century. Development of these skills will ensure that they have the opportunity to be prepared for entry into the workforce with relevant, transferable skills for whatever tomorrow’s jobs will require.

    An area of STEM being planned is for students to learn coding, robotics planning, building, programming/troubleshooting, and a hands-on approach to understanding simple & complex machines, renewable energy & pneumatics systems. Our plan is for first through eighth grades. We request $500 to purchase WeDo 2.0 Robotics Sets to form part of the basis of the elementary STEM program. These sets will accommodate 1st through 3rd grade students. It will establish a foundation for critical thinking skills. The kits will also provide a constructivist approach to building student knowledge about important concepts that are within a strong STEM understanding. This establishes the core for deeper thought projects with complex machines, renewable energy, and pneumatics systems, planned for 4th through 8th grades.

    *KI Furniture creates high-performance education and learning environments for both K-12 and Higher Education spaces.  Many of the products in our educational furniture portfolio offer options that support reconfiguration, engaged learning, and technology in the classroom.  KI designs and manufactures educational furniture that is appealing, comfortable and supports each school in its mission to demand excellence.  Voted #1 in educational solutions 12 years in a row, KI Furniture’s mission is to  anticipate technological advances and incorporate them into the design of our educational furniture.  KI understands that schools need to know the educational furniture they invest in today will support the technological advancements of tomorrow.  Supporting PAECT’s mission to support and speak of educational technology in the classroom is a natural fit, and promotes what both groups are passionate about: student success.    For more information, visit http://www.ki.com/ or call us at Corbett Inc. 610-277-7100.

  • 23 Dec 2016 12:22 PM | Anonymous

    PAECT 2017 Awards Submission

    PAECT seeks to recognize and celebrate the talents and contributions of individuals who continually exceed expectations in their service.  The Board of PAECT invites you to help us connect, develop, lead and advocate for educational technology in Pennsylvania by nominating these deserving individuals.  

    This is your opportunity to identify individuals who go above and beyond.  Think about individuals who contribute more than expected. Identify those who serve as models of excellence and inspire us all.

    Please look through the awards listed below (and in this linked file that contains more details).  Please submit information about individuals you feel deserve to be honored via the linked Google Doc no later than January 15, 2017.

    Feel free to contact me at pastpres@paect.org if you have questions about the awards or the process.

    Thank you!  Happy Holidays!


    Ann M. Noonen, Ph.D.

    PAECT Past President



    PAECT Awards Information

    Click the name of the award to be taken to the submission page.

    Ero W. Davidson Award

    An award presented for outstanding accomplishments by a member of the Association in the field of communications in Pennsylvania.

    Mary C. Renner Achievement Award

    Presented to honor an outstanding contribution by a member to the Association.

    PAECT Special Award

    An award presented to a present, past, or non-member who has made a recent particular contribution to the field of communications.

    Friend of PAECT Award

    An award presented to a non-member for distinctive service to the Association.

    Pioneer Award

    An award presented for long and successful service in the field of communications by a present or past member of PAECT or its parent organization.

    Paul W. Welliver Outstanding Student Award

    An award presented to honor an outstanding graduate student who is a member of the Association.

    Outstanding Teacher of the Year

    Outstanding Leader of the Year

    Outstanding Technical Support Person Award

    Each year PAECT wishes to honor the performance of exemplary support personnel who make significant contributions to the successful use of technology in a district or IU or on a campus by providing exceptional technical support.

    PAECT Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Award/

    PAECT seeks to present the PAECT Chief Technology Officer Award to an individual who is a pioneer and champion of the uses of technology in K12 education through Leadership, Community Building, Innovative Use of Technology, Creation of Partnerships and Impact on Learning.

    If the awardee is also be a member of the PAECT CTL-SIG, which is the PA state chapter of CoSN, the awardee may also be submitted as the PAECT candidate for the CoSN Withrow Award.  The CoSN Withrow Award goes to a deserving individual who has followed the model set forth by Frank Withrow.  Frank has been a classroom teacher, early childhood educator, and Director of Research and Clinical Services for the Department of Children and Family Services for the state of Illinois. Frank was a long-standing member of the CoSN Board of Directors.  

    Making IT Happen

    This award is offered according guidelines provided through ISTE.  In addition, only nominees submitted by current or past PAECT Board members are considered.  

    PA Public Policy Advocate of the Year

    Each year, PAECT attempts to identify a PAECT member who has provided leadership and mentored others in advocating for education technology policy at the local, state, regional, national and/or international level.

  • 27 Oct 2016 10:48 AM | Anonymous

    PAIMS and PAECT are offering a CoSN CETL Immersion course. We are excited to be able to provide this unique learning opportunity for practicing and aspiring technology leaders interested in earning the Certified Educational Technology Leader (CETL) credential.  The CETL is a national certification provided by CoSN based on the Framework of Essential Skills of the K-12 CTO.  This Immersion course is two days of extensive review of the Essential Skills Framework with access to a self-paced collaborative learning site.   Breakfast and lunch are provided each day.  A special room rate at the Days Inn in State College, PA has also been arranged for participants.

    Please note, that the Immersion course and the associated costs do not include the cost of the CETL Exam.  The exam is an additional cost.  We are working to arrange a certification exam date in the near future. 

     You can find out more about the CETL and its requirements at http://www.cosn.org/certification and http://www.cosn.org/Framework.

    Don't delay, register today.

    Course dates are November 30, 2016 and January 25, 2017.

    CoSN CETL Course announcement.pdf

  • 06 Sep 2016 4:11 PM | Anonymous

    At this time of year, our members often come across needy families. The digital divide is a serious matter, especially as schools integrate more technology each year.

    EveryoneOn.org is a service that helps families in need find low-cost Internet solutions. From Comcast discounts (as low as $10/month) to 3G/4G Hotspots, EveryoneOn's website allows you to enter your zip code, whether you're eligible for free/reduced lunch, and more, and then find out (without committing first) what kind of discount you can get.

    Please click on our affiliate link for more info:  http://www.everyoneon.org/paect

  • 21 Jun 2016 6:14 PM | Chris Champion

    We hope everyone is excited about ISTE, held June 25-29, 2016. We wanted to share a list of Pennsylvania educators that will be presenting at ISTE this year. There are 102 people - an amazing number considering that the conference is in Denver, Colorado.

    Pennsylvania Educators Presenting at #ISTE2016:

    Lisa Abel-Palmieri
    Jana Armentrout
    Katie Bordner
    Karena Brace
    Lisa Butler
    David Carbonara
    Anthony Carty
    Chris  Champion 
    Audree Chase-Mayoral
    Megan Cicconi
    Alicia Clark
    Casey Cohen
    Melinda Daniels
    Stephanie DeLuca
    Joshua DeSantis
    Alissa DeVito
    Christine DiPaulo
    Karyn Dobda
    Paula Don
    Devon Duffy
    Stephen Fancsali
    Hadley Ferguson
    Betty Ann Fish
    Emma Francis
    Alison Francis
    Erin Fulton
    L. Robert Furman
    Anthony Gabriele
    Brian Garlick
    Scott Garrigan
    Aaron Gerwer
    Natalie Granger
    Thomas Hammond
    Douglas Herman
    Lynn Hummel
    Jamie Kasper
    Daniel Kaufmann
    Stephen Kazar
    Joe Kuzo
    Rick Lapi
    Dayna Laur
    Tom Lauwers
    Taylor Lecce
    Barbara Ledford
    Chris Lehmann
    Chris Lehmann
    Heather Lister
    Robert Lochel
    Toni Loftus
    Lynette Lortz
    Brandon Lutz
    Gary Macmahon
    Jared Mader
    Louise Maine
    AJ Mannarino
    Nanette Marcum-Dietrich
    Joe Mazza
    Janel McCormick
    Samuel Mormando
    Randy O'Neal
    Patrick O'Neal
    Joseph Oltman
    Julia Oltman
    Aileen Owens
    Barbara Peightal
    Christian Penny
    Rachelle Poth
    Margaret Powers
    Theresa Richards
    Jen Rinkevich
    Steve Ritter
    Beth Rogowsky
    Grace Rougeaux
    Holly Rougeaux
    Aaron Sams
    Diane Santori
    Carrie Schneider
    Jordan Schugar
    Garrison (Gunner) Sharp
    Brian Sharp
    Grant Sharp
    Emily Silverman
    Ben Smith
    Timothy Smith
    Samantha Smith
    Carol Smith
    Scott Snyder
    Michael Soskil
    Karl Sprenger
    Christopher Stengel
    Matt Stewart
    Kayla Stewart
    Robert Stewart
    Dustin Stiver
    Caryn Terwilliger
    Vicki Treadway
    Melissa Unger
    Philip Vinogradov
    William Vitulli Jr
    Jason Wagner
    Evelyn Wassel, Ed.D.
    Craig Young
    Randy Ziegenfuss

  • 06 Jun 2016 1:56 PM | Chris Champion

    We are embarking on a new adventure at the ISTE 2016 conference in Denver, Colorado: the ISTE Campfires.  The ISTE Campfires are going to replace the Birds of a Feather sessions, connecting educators around their interests and passions at the conference. These sessions are built on the idea of educators wanting to connect and collaborate on current topics of interest in a dynamic environment.  We will launch these sessions on Monday and Tuesday evening of the conference (5:30-7:30pm and 5:15-7:15pm, respectively) and are looking for volunteers to help us shape the Campfires and help us as facilitators for the learning in the Campfire rooms.

    The task is to work with ISTE's Conference Program Chair Camilla Gagliolo, and PAECT's Chris Champion to create the environment for dialogue and idea sharing at the Campfire sessions.  Facilitators will start the conversation in each of four strands:

    • Mobile Learning
    • Professional Learning (PD, Coaching, etc)
    • STEM/STEAM/Maker/Gamification
    • Teaching and Learning Strategies (PBL, Online/Flipped Learning, etc)

    Volunteers will be tasked with starting a Padlet, encouraging participants interested in leading sub-topic to put a "sticky" up on the Padlet. Then the facilitators will create about six sub-groups based on the topic. If there are too many disparate topics, they'll use PollEverywhere to get a popular vote.

    Table signs are then labeled by a facilitator (getting help perhaps from attendees), and then the people in the room are directed to each table for the "conversation"

    If everything goes well, we won't need to come back to topic selection. If the room stagnates, the facilitators may need to revisit topics or encourage people to cross-pollenate.

    We hope that you would be interested in working with us on this new initiative.  


    If you are interested, please sign up with this form:


    A brief webinar will be held on Wednesday June 15 at 8:00 PM EDT to discuss this further, and to answer any questions. Registered volunteers (link above) will be sent a link.

    P.S. Please pass this along if you think another educator would be interested.

  • 08 Mar 2016 12:15 PM | Chris Champion

    Congress is making critical decisions about FY 2017 funding. Contact your Representative and Senators now urging them to ask the Appropriations Committees to increase funding for ed tech programs.

    The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) signed into law last December was an important first step authorizing the Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant (SSAEG) program, which would provide formula support for districts to implement technology-focused professional development and acquire infrastructure. CoSN issued a statement calling on Congress to take “the next step in its FY 2017 budget and provide $1.6 billion for the Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant to advance ESSA’s implementation. This is a program that will truly level the digital playing field. Now is the moment, for our students and educators, to keep moving forward on our national promise to them.”

    Act now. Make your voice heard in the appropriations debate:

    Contact Congress now and let them know the difference that technology makes in your district and the lives of your students.

  • 07 Mar 2016 2:26 PM | Chris Champion

    Dear PAECT members,

    As you well know, PAECT is your organization: the board and committee chairs, both regionally and for the state, are volunteers, selflessly giving hours of their time to make PAECT the great organization that it is. Some of you have already given back to the organization by running for elected office or offering services in various areas. 

    One thing we consistently hear as we talk with members from across the state is “How can we get involved?” Contacting your regional director is always one option we suggest. Getting involved in your region, planning for and participating in the wide variety of events offered, is certainly one way to “get your foot in the door.”

    While there has never been a formal way of indicating a desire to be involved on the state level, we felt it was important to do so now. As the organization grows and evolves, we understand it is important to include fresh voices and new energy to sustain and help the organization continue its evolution. This is your call to action!

    The PAECT Board has a number of non-voting committee chairs that are critical to our operations. They include the following:

    • Newsletter Chair
    • Parliamentarian
    • Webmaster
    • Membership Chair
    • Student Showcase
    • Marketing
    • Sponsorships
    • Advocacy

    If you have an interest in serving on a state level committee or as a presidentially-appointed board-level committee chair, you are welcomed and encouraged to share your specific area of interest with PAECT President Brandon Lutz (pres@paect.orgby March 16, 2016. If you would prefer to be involved more locally, contact your regional director at any time. Visit our CONTACTS PAGE to find your regional director’s contact information.

    Thanks you for your service,

    Brandon Lutz            Scott Snyder

    President                  Vice-President

  • 20 Feb 2016 11:02 AM | Chris Champion

    Grant sponsored by KI.com

    Grant Amount: Up to $500 and a one year extension of PAECT membership.

    PAECT seeks proposals for projects that integrate technology into instruction, in order to improve teaching in any curricular area. It is required that the PAECT grant funds be utilized to purchase resources, technological or not, that focus on student or community learning which support a specified project.  Any resource purchased under this grant will forever remain the property of the recipient. 

    PAECT grant funds may not be used for salaries, stipends or transportation. 

    Successful applicants will be notified on or before April 15, 2016.


    1. Applicant must be a member of  PAECT as of the time of submission.
    2. All grant applications must be submitted  by March 31, 2016 via this form:  http://bit.ly/PAECTgrant2016
    3. All grant applications must complete the five evaluation criteria.


    • Successful applicant will develop and implement the project described on this application.
    • Successful applicant will, upon completion of the project, submit receipts (or clear copies) for hardware and software purchased with grant monies)
    • All grant recipients will be invited to share their completed project at a PAECT regional meeting and at PETE & C 2017 in a poster/concurrent session.
    • Successful applicant will be invited to attend the PAECT Awards Banquet at PETE & C 2017.

    The grant proposal will undergo a “blind” evaluation/scoring by a committee of PAECT Board members. Names will be hidden and assigned an ID number prior to scoring. 

    Click Here for complete information about the grant including scoring rubric.

PAECT is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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